• Airospace
    Aerospace The aerospace industry is one of the most active industries in terms of volume, designing new aircraft or spacecraft, developing new or improved metal forming, welding, and machining techniques, developing new composite materials and manufacturing methods. ITexchange Inc has provided its clients with the right kind of resources helping them identify and leverage talent potential across various levels and sub-classifications within their own organizations.
  • Banking
    Banking Banking Industry is creating a tremendous opportunity for financial markets firms-but not necessarily in the same established markets as in the past. Banking and finance accounts for an increasing piece of the overall economic activity, year after year. Industry leaders are turning to business model innovation to gain a competitive edge. We enable our customers across Banking and Capital Markets industry; globally build the bankable future with our expertise, experience and solutions.
  • Manufacturing
    Manufacturing As manufacturers continue to drive towards achieving success in a global economy, they face a struggle between reducing costs and maintaining high-performance levels in their production processes. We helps manufacturers turn this challenge into a competitive advantage by going beyond traditional system integration and interoperability to dynamically align core operational business processes and guide manufacturers to increased production through streamlined processes. We provides a unique proposition to align manufacturing to the strategy of your organization.
  • Retailer
    Retail ITexchange is proud to be associated with its clients in the Retail Industry; we help our retail customers succeed in market competitive and complex environment. All this is promising because of our business & technology skills, rapid delivery, collaborative approach and ability to design business strategies, from concept development to implementation to operational assistance.
    Our proven Retail Transformation Methodology incorporates essential elements to achieve significant and sustained improvements in a retailer's cost structure. Through our methodology, we develop solutions together and drive results in a compressed timeframe and estimated budgets.
  • Insurance
    Insurance Insurance industry is a Fast Growing & Provider of IT solutions to the US Insurance industry; we support many companies in the area of property & casualty insurance, health, life and general insurance. Leverage our vision and capabilities to succeed. We provide end-to-end solutions and support all processes in the policy life cycle from product definition to claims settlement for Property & Casualty (P&C), Life & Annuities and Asset Management.
  • Telecom
    Telecom To better serve the telecommunications industry, ITexchange Inc has developed an Industry Specialization Program that focuses on improving performance & quality in two critical areas. ITexchange Inc telecommunications Industry Specialization Group employs several individuals, who have educational backgrounds and practical experience within the disciplines of manufacturing engineering, industrial engineering.
  • Energy
    Energy ITexchange Inc has been at the forefront of innovation and technology integration in all aspects of the power & Energy industry. We assist Oil and Gas firms deal with difficulty through solutions, we provides manufacturing solutions that are dynamic to respond to the emerging trends and demands of our clientele.
  • Healthcare
    Healthcare Healthcare mission is to help healthcare organizations improve the health of the populations they serve. Healthcare organizations are striving to become information-driven to improve the quality, safety and cost effectiveness of healthcare. Healthcare organizations, today, must cope with a transforming business model while meeting the pressures of the industry’s regulatory demands. We provide systems integration, cloud and product sourcing services to healthcare organizations. Healthcare is a very premeditated industry sector for ITexchange.
    The healthcare industry is inherently complex and facing significant structural changes that require every provider to organize around a new set of standards – including value, accountability, quality, efficiency and transparency. We at ITexchange Inc provides healthcare solutions designed to help clients optimize